Community Transformation

Restore and Reform

CRC aims at bringing social reformation alleviate poverty and bringing restoration in our communities, with God on our side we are able to assist those who need it, through our social upliftment and outreach ministries.

In 2018 CRC together with local government assisted Katoen community to build 21 Prefab houses, our annual Christmas outreach in December 2018, we handed out more than 160 school bags and 340 bibles to Pienaar, Katoen, Javerland, Msholozi and Mattafin, we visited the Silver days old age home providing them with gifts and sanitary bags and assisted with the restoration of Betty’s Haven in Nelsville community, just to name a few.

Transport Ministry

The transport ministry is one of our ministries that enables us to reach out to our CRC family in different communities, by picking them up from countless bus stops in Mbombela. As a church we believe that everyone deserves to experience the presence of God every Sunday. We currently provide transport to more than 160 scholars, students and adults from all over Mbombela.

Feeding Scheme

The Feeding Scheme ministry is one of our ministries where we can fulfil our responsibility of taking care of the needs of our members and the community. Not just their physical needs but there spiritual needs as well. We are here to make a difference in our world. Our kitchen is already equipped to handle 6 pots which enables us to take out 280 Litres which calculates to 1120 cups weekly to Mattafin, Msholozi and Pienaar.

Human Trafficking

CRC is passionate about assisting the Hopeless who is trapped in the claws of addiction and slavery. Our anti-Human trafficking project was launched in November 2017, with more than 200 Salvations and continues to make massive moves of change in this area. The team effectively ministers to and pray for the ladies on our street. They share the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide them with a meal on a weekly basis. We have successfully removed and rehabilitated several ladies from the street. These ladies are placed in secure jobs and are reunited with their loved ones. We do what few in South Africa are willing to do.

Correctional centre

Our correctional service ministry was launched in February 2018. CRC is the only church that broadcast live services to the offenders on a weekly basis in Mbombela. Reaching thousands that would have been otherwise been deprived from hearing the Good News. We bring hope where people seem hopeless and connect with the offenders to fulfil the instructions in Jesus, to visit those in prison and bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.